Reliability is what underlies our good name
AKSU AG was founded in 1995 and is an owner-operated investment company in the real-estate sector. The head office is in Berlin. Our company's mission is to acquire residential and commercial properties, carefully renovate them and then rent them out long-term. We are 100% transparent and acknowledge our social responsibility, even in the case of a later sale of individual properties.

As an owner-operated company, we put our own money into our projects as well as a lot of personal commitment. Together with support from national and international institutional investors, we offer private backers the chance to invest their capital in our profitable projects. If you are interested in making an investment, please contact us.

Business development

AKSU AG was founded in 1995 by brothers Murat Aksu, Chief Executive Officer, and Bülent Aksu, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Since then, our company has forged a successful path as consultants in real estate and investment, and as real estate investors. Thanks to our expert knowledge and contacts in the field of real estate, we have, since 2010, increasingly focussed on one business activity:  the acquisition, careful restoration/modernisation and long-term renting of residential and commercial properties.

We, therefore, restructured our company again in 2015, with the aim to focus more closely on and significantly expand our core activity: investment.

AKSU AG has already successfully completed a number of modernisation projects, mainly for residential properties. Click Opens internal link in current windowhere for samples of these projects.

We have, also beyond the borders of Berlin, good contacts with decision makers in business and politics. Through collaboration with experienced teams of external experts, AKSU AG is in a position to implement bigger projects at short notice.


AKSU AG is headed by Murat Aksu, Chief Executive Officer.

Murat Aksu

Murat Aksu completed his training as management assistant in real estate at Neue Heimat Berlin in 1984. Just one year later, he became a self-employed land agent. From this point on, the acquisition of land and premises for the purpose of stock building, the division into apartment property, the development and sale of properties, have been an integral part of the business operations. In the 1990s, the privatisation of residential properties, commissioned by municipal housing associations, became part of the AKSU AG business portfolio.

Some of Murat Aksu's customers include housing associations such as DEGEWO, GESOBAU, GSW, Stadt & Land, WBM, GEHAG, Ernst & Young, Berlin Hyp, Neue Heimat and HypoVereinsbank.

Bülent Aksu

Bülent Aksu is also a trained management assistant in real estate. He is a certified (DIA) expert in the valuation of developed and undeveloped properties, rents and leasings, and is also a real-estate auctioneer. In 2003, he was appointed commercial judge for the Berlin District Court.

Bülent Aksu is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AKSU AG. His many years of experience in the field of fiduciary real estate and asset management, portfolio management, construction management, residential privatisation, valuations and the purchase and sale of properties guarantees that AKSU AG identifies top properties and acquires them at a good price.

Mission statement

Our goal
Through the sale - and tenant-friendly refurbishment if required - and long-term letting of residential properties, we strive to ensure socially responsible and continuing growth on our own capital and that of our customers who invest in our property projects.

Our capital
AKSU AG has top-class business contacts and has built up, since the company's foundation in 1995, an excellent reputation with proprietors, investors, banks and land vendors. Our success has been built on our being independent and competent, as well as our many years of collaborative experience with a team of experts.

Our strategy
We undertake the most meticulous checks on prospective residential properties as well as our partners. Possibly necessary refurbishments are under our own direction - tenants need not fear luxury renovation or displacement. On the contrary, they should rest assured that through affordable improvements, planned rent increases and dealing with one of the best property management companies they will have no reason to move. Investors in our projects will, of course, also profit from this, as this way we can guarantee them a very secure and, compared to the usual forms of investment, a very attractive return. After all, low tenant turnover and a low vacancy rate turn into hard cash.